Freedom for the electric driver

Fastned's mission is to give freedom to electric drivers and accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

Our goal is a European network of a 1000 fast charging stations on prime locations, where all electric vehicles can charge with renewable energy from the sun and wind.

Our philosophy

We’ve written five detailed blogs about our plans (and the logic behind them):

  1. The Fastned Freedom plan: a very low cost, European network of fast charging stations
    Read: the Fastned freedom plan
  2. The Autowende: four reasons why the transition to electric cars is inevitable
    Read: the Autowende
  3. The technology of fast charging: how does it work and why it is the most affordable & practical solution at scale
    Read: Everything you’ve always wanted to know about fast charging
  4. Sharing revolution: why shared and autonomous cars will lead to an accelerated electrification of transport in cities (and how fast charging will play an important role)
    Read: Sharing revolution
  5. Why fast charging stations are good for the grid: how fast charging can help to stabilise the electricity grids & integrate renewable energy.
    Read: why fast charging stations are good for the grid