Freedom for the electric driver

At Fastned you can quickly charge your car and continue your route. The only way to experience the freedom of driving.

At Fastned stations you can charge your car rapidly and continue your journey. Car manufacturers currently invest billions of euros in the development and production of electric cars. This is why we see increasing numbers of electric cars on the road. Fastned is building the infrastructure which is necessary to fast charge all these cars. We started out in the Netherlands, but our goal is a European network of fast charging stations. Only when this infrastructure is in place, the driver of an electric car will experience true freedom. This will start the electric revolution.

Continuously faster charging

We wrote four blogs to explain our plans.

The original Fastned plan
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Why the transition to electric vehicles is inevitable
Read the Autowende

Why Fastned solely focusses on fast charging
Read The exciting future of fast charging

Electric, autonomous cars require fast charging
Read Sharing revolution (edited)

Ervaren Team

Fastned has an international team which is highly motivated and has the knowledge to build a pan-European network of fast charging stations. We are active in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Click here for information about the Management team.