Superfast charging at retail, F&B locations

A premium service and new customers

Are you the (land)owner of a retail and/or food and beverage development? Bringing superfast charging to your site offers a complementary service for your existing customers and draws in new visitors searching for charge. Marrying dwell times with charge speeds, we ensure customers can get a full battery in the time of a typical visit.

At Fastned we develop and operate our charging stations with our in-house team. Our focus on charging customers’ experience ensures a quality, reliable facility on your estate. Contact us to see if your property is appropriate for a Fastned charging station.

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Benefits of a Fastned station on your property

  • A sustainable additional service on arrival at the site

  • A full battery by the time your customers finish their pit-stop

  • Drive additional visitors to your location

A suitable charging station for your location

Each location is designed individually, with the suitable charging speed and layout of the station.

A car that's charging on an electric charging station

Supermarket Station

With 50 kW chargers, Charging up while shopping

  • Up to 60 minutes to charge up

  • DC fast chargers at parking facilities

  • Ideal addition to supermarkets and shopping centers

A car that's charging on an electric charging station

Pit-stop Station

With 150kW chargers, fully charged with a short stop

  • Back on the road in 10-30 minutes 

  • Compact station design with canopy, suitable for parking setups

  • Ideal combination with fastsfood strips and resting area’s

  • Ideal for roadside restaurants

A car that's charging on an electric charging station

Highway stations

With 350 kW chargers, charging up as fast as possible

  • As fast as a petrol station stop, only clean!

  • Suitable for larger vehicles

  • Ideal for busy motorways

Join the market leader

  • Superfast charging has been our core business for 8 years

  • Join a growing network of over 125 stations

  • A reliable service with industry-leading uptime

  • Fastned takes care of everything, from permits through to customer service

  • Stations are visible in vehicle navigation systems and mobile apps

We are looking for new locations. Suggestions?

At Fastned we're always looking for new locations. Quality sites are usually in busy urban centres or just off major highway junctions. “Destination” locations with good levels of traffic are also relevant.

Curious to see if your location is appropriate for a Fastned charging station?