Adding value with charging stations

Combine increasing returns with sustainable development

Are you a developer and looking to increase the yield of your development, while simultaneously improving its sustainability? Working with Fastned to include a quality charging station in your plans can significantly increase the amenity of your development for prospective tenants and future customers. Effortlessly contribute to the transition to a cleaner environment.

Advantages of a Fastned station on your development

  • Convert underutilised land into long-term yield

  • A sustainable offering in a rapidly growing market

  • A quality solution for customers; as full a battery as you need on departure

  • Superfast charging draws more customers to your development

  • A perfect combination with mixed-use retail developments

  • A strong, meaningful contribution to local authorities’ sustainability goals

Develop with an experienced market leader

  • Superfast charging has been our business for the last 8 years

  • A European network of over 125 stations

  • Fastned takes care of everything; from permit through to 24/7 customer service

  • We develop stations where people feel safe and comfortable

  • A strong and reliable brand for EV drivers

  • Develop with your own investment or let Fastned cover this completely

A suitable charging station for your location

Each location is designed individually, with the suitable charging speed and layout of the station.

A car that's charging on an electric charging station

Supermarket Station

With 50 kW chargers, Charging up while shopping
  • Up to 60 minutes to charge up

  • DC fast chargers at parking facilities

  • Ideal addition to supermarkets and shopping centers

A car that's charging on an electric charging station

Pit-stop Station

With 150kW chargers, fully charged with a short stop

  • Back on the road in 10-30 minutes 

  • Compact station design with canopy, suitable for parking setups

  • Ideal combination with fastsfood strips and resting area’s

  • Ideal for roadside restaurants

A car that's charging on an electric charging station

Highway stations

With 350 kW chargers, charging up as fast as possible

  • As fast as a petrol station stop, only clean!

  • Suitable for larger vehicles

  • Ideal for busy motorways

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We are happy to discuss the development of new sites or our incorporation on existing development. 

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