Opportunity in a growth market

Fastned develops and operates electric vehicle charging stations for all types of electric vehicles, with the fastest technology on the market, powered by 100% renewable energy.

Building on our European network of sites, we continue to seek additional location opportunities in the UK and Republic of Ireland to develop our network and capitalise on the rapidly growing trend for EV adoption.

Please visit our dedicated pages for property opportunities in BENELUX, Germany, and France.

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Benefits to location partners

  • Rental income (fixed and / or turnover); index-linked; tenure 20+ years

  • Value-added facilities for mixed-use retail developments

  • Fastest charging technology available (300kW+) on a future-proofed, independent grid connection

  • Flexible development solutions to meet site requirements and space availability

  • Charging for every electric car on the market; no customer is excluded

  • The most reliable and longest-running operator of high-power EV filling stations in Europe

A suitable charging station for your location

Each location is designed individually, with the suitable charging speed and layout of the station.

A car that's charging on an electric charging station

Supermarket Station

With 50 kW chargers, Charging up while shopping

  • Up to 60 minutes to charge up

  • DC fast chargers at parking facilities

  • Ideal addition to supermarkets and shopping centers

A car that's charging on an electric charging station

Pit-stop Station

With 150kW chargers, fully charged with a short stop

  • Back on the road in 10-30 minutes 

  • Compact station design with canopy, suitable for parking setups

  • Ideal combination with fastsfood strips and resting area’s

  • Ideal for roadside restaurants

A car that's charging on an electric charging station

Highway stations

With 350 kW chargers, charging up as fast as possible

  • As fast as a petrol station stop, only clean!

  • Suitable for larger vehicles

  • Ideal for busy motorways

Work with the market leader:

  • Over 10 years of experience and over 250 operational stations and counting

  • In-house teams to arrange design, permitting and grid connections

  • Charging cars is our only business; no distractions, pure focus

  • Strong and reliable international brand

  • We design stations to delight our customers

  • Fastned is actively investing in the energy transition

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We are looking for new locations. Suggestions?

At Fastned we're always looking for new locations. Quality sites are usually in busy urban centres or just off major highway junctions. “Destination” locations with good levels of traffic are also relevant.

Curious to see if your location is appropriate for a Fastned charging station?