Placing charge posts? Think superfast

Every make and model of fully-electric vehicle can charge at a Fastned station. Rather than waiting hours for a full tank, drivers are back on the road in a matter of minutes. Fill your battery during your weekly grocery shopping, or even in as little time as it takes to grab a freshly brewed coffee.

Charging at the office or at home is not for everyone

Around a third of UK car-owners do not have a driveway that would give them the option to charge their vehicle privately. In urban areas as many as two thirds of homes do not have a driveway. The steep investments required to (ultimately) furnish all employee car parking spaces are off-putting for all but the most committed and well-financed businesses.

Scalable solutions for all

Fastned’s charging stations are future-proofed with the physical and electrical capacity to charge up hundreds of cars per day. In this way, Fastned makes EV charging possible for anyone and everyone.

Why does Fastned build stations?

  • EV drivers are just as important as drivers of petrol/diesel cars

  • Visible and easily recognisable infrastructure

  • Safe and simple to use, day or night

  • The best option for all cars, vans and distribution vehicles

“I was planning to install charging points at our food park. In the end I opted for a fast charging station. This attracts more visitors to the restaurants and so visitors have a full battery again in a short time. Because charging is so fast, many more people can use this service. ”

Family real estate business, Amsterdam

Fastned takes care of everything

  • Design, permitting, grid connections and construction

  • Infrastructure investment

  • 24/7 customer service and maintenance

  • Station location on vehicle and app navigation systems

  • Session payment via all means (app, RFID, debit card, phone)