Fastned makes it easy

  • Great value all-in pricing of EUR 49 ct/kWh ex. BTW
  • Beste solution to maximise use of EVs
  • Billing directly to charge card of driver
  • Simple overview of all transactions
  • Always 100% renewable energy

It's the same as refueling with a fuel card!

Automatic payments via charge- or fuel cards

The Fastned app offers easy integration with TravelCard, MultiTankCard, XXimo, NewMotion, Nuon, EV-Box, ANWB, Eneco, Vandebron, Greenflux, Flow charging, Chargepoint, Movenience and Ecotap.

Works with business debit- or creditcard

Drivers can swiftly and simply register through the Fastned app with a business debit- or creditcard.

Fastned app

  • 1-click charging start
  • Fastned Routeplanner
  • Charging tips for all EVs
  • Overview of all Fastned stations
  • Overview of charging history

Start charging

Does the driver (or you) already have a charge card or fuel card?
If this is the case, the driver can start charging. The driver downloads the Fastned app (available for iOS, Android and other) and registers once with the number of the charge-or fuel card. After registration, the driver can start charging right away. All charging sessions (at Fastned and other parties) are pooled on the account of the card issuer. This way you keep complete oversight.

Do you want to pay directly with a business debit- or creditcard?
If you prefer to receive a monthly invoice directly from Fastned, create a Fastned account through and select as your payment mehtod a debit card or credit card. Next, send an e-mail to with the following information: (1) Company name, (2) E-mail address for invoices, (3) Phone number which you used to register you main account. In turn, we'll create a business account for u. Now you can add invidual drivers to this account, and maintain control over the fleet.

Do you have any questions?

We help you find the best business solution to power your EV fleet. If you have any questions, please contact us through +31 (0)20-705 53 00 or send us an e-mail.