Our team hits the road with the Fastned app

Buckle up and get ready for a fun and electrifying ride with Fastned's latest app update. 🚗💨 We're not just talking about charging; we're talking about unlocking a whole new world of adventures across Europe! 

Picture this: Emma, one of our awesome team members at Fastned, and her crew hitting the road from the Fastned office in Amsterdam to Ghent. Armed with the Fastned app and its brand-new map, they're on a mission to explore, charge, and conquer the open road. They had a challenge on the go: drive until the battery is less than 10-20% empty and then use the Fastned app with the new map feature to find a place to charge around them.

That’s right, the team wanted to be in the customers’ shoes and see if Fastned can solve the often feared “range anxiety”...

So, for them, this meant not only charging under a nice yellow canopy. They got to discover locations of other operators, all through the Fastned app 😎

Check out the video 👇 to see how the app turns their road trip into a cool adventure. 

Watch until the end to learn about a peculiar new way to get warm during the winter days… 😏

Our team hits the road with the Fastned app!

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