How to charge your EV automagically with Autocharge

Autocharge is the ultimate charging experience for EV drivers. It's easy to use and makes charging as convenient as possible. All you have to do is plug in. The charging session will then start, as we like to say it, automagically ;)

But this technology is not new, and already has many loyal users. 

Back in 2016, Fastned joined forces with charger manufacturer ABB to bring super simple charging to all electric vehicle drivers. Before this partnership, only Tesla drivers could enjoy this level of convenience with their Supercharger network. But Fastned and ABB wanted everyone to have a hassle-free charging experience, so they made it happen for all EVs.

We've spent a year developing and testing Autocharge, and in October 2017, we were excited to roll it out to our customers. Since then, it's been a huge hit - in just one year, nearly 150,000 Autocharge sessions were started by our customers without any need for RFID cards or apps.

How to activate Autocharge

In order to have the convenience of Autocharge in your next charging session, you have to activate it first. It's easy to get started with Autocharge - just follow a few simple steps and you'll be on your way to seamless electric vehicle charging:

⚡ Download the Fastned App

⚡ Create an account

⚡ Start your next Fastned charging session through the app

⚡ Activate Autocharge with just a few clicks

How to activate Autocharge

So what’s behind the magic?

Autocharge works by linking an EV unique MAC address to the driver’s customer account. Every device that connects to a network uses a MAC address, just like your phone connects to Wi-Fi or your wireless earplugs connect to your laptop. Your vehicle does the same thing when it communicates with a charger through the CCS connector. 


Autocharge Whitepaper

Download Autocharge WhitepaperFor all Autocharge curious souls, we’ve written a whitepaper with much more information on how it works, security measures, and compatibility with different EV’s. You can download it here 🚀

For the most asked questions around Autocharge, have a look at our FAQ page.