• Fastned's app update now integrates other operators’ charging locations across all of Europe 
  • With an "e-inclusivity" approach, Fastned makes electric driving even more effortless by showing 150 thousand charging locations across Europe in its intuitive, free app, helping to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility

Fastned releases major app update letting EV drivers find an additional 150 thousand charging locations across Europe

Fastned, the European fast charging company, released a significant update to the Fastned app. It now has a new map that not only shows Fastned fast charging stations but also includes fast and slow charging locations of other charging networks. Users anywhere in Europe can now discover a charging spot near them among 400 thousand chargers of various operators across 150 thousand sites. 

The user-friendly Fastned app now covers 50 countries and helps drivers locate high-quality public charging locations. EV drivers’ charging needs vary: at times, they will need on-the-way fast charging, while sometimes, the best solution may be slow destination charging. 

The Fastned app now shows both fast and slow charging locations from various operators on its map, making electric driving even more effortless. This new app update follows an “e-inclusive” approach to charging infrastructure, which means that all charging points are visible irrespective of the operator. It is another way Fastned supports its mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

The update for the Fastned app wasn't born in a boardroom; it came from the users, our incredible community of EV drivers. Our customers shared how overwhelmed they can be with several different apps on their phones. We want to make charging as simple as possible, so after first adding Apple Carplay and Android Auto support, now opening up our app to include chargers of other operators was the next important step for delivering on our promise. We want to make EV drivers’ lives much easier by combining all information in one easy-to-use app. We also put a lot of effort into prioritising quality instead of overwhelming quantity. The deeper a user zooms in on the map, the more options are shown, while at a higher level, only the fastest chargers on the biggest sites are visible, not to overwhelm users with too many options.

Robin Wouters, Director Product & Engineering at Fastned

Fastned invites electric vehicle drivers in Europe to download the updated app, available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and experience the convenience of a unified, inclusive charging network.

For more information about Fastned and its belief in e-inclusivity, please read our blog post.


About Fastned:

Fastned is on a mission to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. Since 2012, we’ve been at the forefront of European charging infrastructure development, building and operating a rapidly growing network of iconic fast charging stations. Our yellow, nature-inspired stations create a welcoming environment for drivers during the 15 minutes it takes to charge up to 300 km of range. By offering Europe’s most reliable, convenient and joyful charging experience, we aim to inspire millions to drive on solar and wind energy so that together we can curb climate change. Fastned is listed at Euronext Amsterdam (AMS: FAST).