Fastned raises 12 million euro to finance further growth


Fastned, the charging company which is building a European network of fast charging stations, has raised 12 million euro with the issue of bonds. Almost a thousand investors subscribed to the issue.

From Thursday, November 21, 2019 to Thursday, December 12, 2019, investors could subscribe to the Fastned bonds. The bonds have a maturity of 5 years and pay out 6% interest per year. With this issue Fastned will primarily finance further expansion of its fast charging network. This is necessary given the strong growth in the number of electric cars and the related demand for fast charging infrastructure. 

“It's great to see so many people invest in the transition to a more sustainable world. With the proceeds of this bonds issue, we can further expand the capacity of our network with more stations and more faster chargers. This will allow us to continue to meet the growing demand for fast charging.” 
Michiel Langezaal, CEO Fastned
About Fastned

Fastned is a charging company that is building a European network of fast charging stations. The stations are located at high traffic locations along highways and in cities, where electric cars can add up to 200 km range in 15 minutes. Fastned's mission is to give freedom to electric drivers and accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. As of today, Fastned has 114 stations operational in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, and is working on expanding its fast charging network to the rest of Europe. Fastned is currently simultaneously building fast charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, and preparing for building its first stations in other countries, with a focus on Belgium, Switzerland and France. Fastned is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (ticker AMS:FAST). More information: