Fastned founders to sell a small portion of their holdings

Amsterdam, 11 January 2023. Fastned, the European fast charging company, announces that its founders Michiel Langezaal and Bart Lubbers as well as investment company Breesaap will as of today each gradually sell up to 380,000 depositary receipts of ordinary shares in the capital of Fastned (DR’s), each corresponding to approximately 2% of the currently outstanding DR’s, through a pre-arranged trading plan that will be managed by ABN Amro Bank. 

ABN Amro Bank will have full discretion to sell the DR’s in a measured and orderly manner on behalf of the parties. The trading plan will terminate no later than 31 December 2023. The number of DRs sold under the trading plan will, among others, depend on market conditions. Upon each sale, appropriate notifications shall be made via the AFM register.

The reason for Michiel Langezaal, Bart Lubbers and Breesaap to sell a portion of their holdings is to diversify their portfolios, satisfy tax obligations and repay family loans that were provided to establish Fastned in 2012. 

Both Bart, who is the Chairman of Fastned’s Supervisory Board and Michiel, CEO of Fastned, remain committed to Fastned and its mission to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. Together they will continue to hold a majority of the DR’s.

The parties currently hold the following interests in Fastned:  

  • Wilhelmina-Dok B.V. (the personal holding company of Bart Lubbers): 39% of the DR’s
  • Carraig Aonair B.V. (the personal holding company of Michiel Langezaal): 24% of the DR’s 
  • Breesaap B.V. (the investment company of the Lubbers family): 6% of the DR’s.

The envisaged sales will increase the free-float and liquidity of the DR’s as traded on Euronext Amsterdam.

Market abuse regulation 

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About Fastned

Fastned has been developing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Europe since 2012. Fastned’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility by giving freedom to electric drivers. Based in Amsterdam, the company currently has more than 245 charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Switzerland. The company specialises in developing and operating super fast charging infrastructure where drivers can charge their electric vehicle with up to 300 km of range in 15 minutes before continuing their journey. Fastned is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (ticker AMS: FAST).