Fastned expands EV fast charging network in Switzerland with new stations in Apfelwuhr

  • Third and fourth Fastned stations in Switzerland opened in Graubünden
  • The stations Apfelwuhr Nord and Apfelwuhr Süd are part of a total of 20 new stations to be built as part of 2019 tender win in Switzerland
  • To cater to the snowy region's unique conditions, the newest stations were constructed with specialised materials and engineered design

Fastned, the European fast charging company, has opened its third and fourth stations in Switzerland, Apfelwuhr Nord and Apfelwuhr Süd, in the canton of Graubünden. Apfelwuhr Nord was the first station as part of the Federal Roads Office (in German ASTRA) fast charging station tender of 2019 in the branch Bellinzona; on the other side of the highway, Apfelwuhr Süd was opened on July 13th. Fastned will build an additional 16 stations on Swiss resting areas from ASTRA as part of this tender.

Fastned’s growing Swiss network is of great significance for Fastned's expansion plans, contributing to the company’s goal of 1,000 fast charging stations in Europe by 2030. Swiss motorways connect central to western and southern Europe, and charging infrastructure on those motorways is crucial for the growing number of EV drivers on their way to many popular destinations. With its forward-thinking “Roadmap Elektromobilität 2025” in place, the country has firmly committed to fostering the growth of electric mobility. In this strategic roadmap, the Swiss government outlines ambitious goals and initiatives aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and promoting sustainable transportation. Fast charging infrastructure plays a big role in this roadmap and Fastned is proud to contribute to its success.


Apfelwuhr West_CH_OverralMap

With a total of four fast chargers each, and barrier-free, Apfelwuhr Nord and Süd stations will cater to many EV drivers, including tourists, that visit the region because of its proximity to popular ski and summer vacation destinations in the Swiss Alps.

While most Fastned stations have solar roofs, the heavy snow in the region demanded a different design and specific construction materials. The result is a new glass design for the roof, that although not solar, protects drivers from the snow, sun and other weather conditions and illuminates the station at night.

The opening of Apfelwuhr North and South and the upcoming 16 stations at Swiss rest stops mark the beginning of Fastned's expansion momentum in Switzerland. We are dedicated to further expanding our network to serve the growing demand for electric mobility across the nation.

Ludwig Steding, Country Manager Switzerland at Fastned
About Fastned

Fastned has been developing fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Europe since 2012. Fastned’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility by giving freedom to electric drivers. Based in Amsterdam, the company has built more than 270 fast charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Switzerland. It will open its first stations in Denmark by the end of 2023. The company specialises in developing and operating fast charging infrastructure where drivers can charge their electric vehicle with up to 300 km of range in 15 minutes before continuing their journey. Fastned is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (ticker AMS: FAST).