We're looking for locations

Together we can work to deliver clean air! To help make e-mobility a reality, our highways and urban centres need more, higher-power charging infrastructure. As a property owner or developer you can help deliver a sustainable future. Help make it happen by delivering super-fast charging on your site.

The energy transition needs you.

Being smart with land

“Through the delivery of a Fastned station, our property is now an active participant in accelerating in the energy transition in our region and beyond. We are contributing to sustainable development while increasing the returns from our land.”

Policy for superfast charging and mobility hubs?

“Sustainability is a high priority within our municipality. Delivering a Fastned charging hub is therefore well-aligned with our goal: becoming one of the greenest local authorities in the country"

Does this fit with our policy?

Installing chargers? Choose superfast.

Did you know some charging points need 20 hours to fill an EV's battery? Our superfast chargers get you back on the road in a matter of minutes.

Why superfast charging?

We're choosing another batch of locations to develop. Suggestions?

At Fastned we're always looking for new locations. Quality sites are usually in busy urban centres or just off major highway junctions. Destinations with good levels of traffic are also relevant.

Curious to see if your location is appropriate for a Fastned charging station?