The potential of Fastned

With the calculator below you can calculate annual revenues of Fastned in various scenario's.

Disclaimer calculator usage

For which year do you want to calculate the revenue of Fastned?

Fastned has concessions for 201 highway locations until the years 2028 - 2032 (depending on the location). This calculator estimates revenues for the Netherlands only. Please note that our goal is a pan-European network.

What percentage of cars in 2020 will be electric?

There are around 8 million cars on the road in The Netherlands. The Dutch government has set a goal of 200.000 (2,5% of all cars) electric cars in 2020 and 1 million (12,5% of all cars) in 2025.

How often do you think na EV will charge at Fastned in 2020?

Fastcharging is convenient when you're going places. Moreover, 75% of Dutch households do not have access to their own driveway and are fully dependent on public charging infrastructure.

How many KMs range do you think an EV will charge per session in 2020?

Today, electric cars have a range of 120KM to 450KM. The range of EV's is rapidly increasing.

What's price per kWh do you think Fastned will be able to charge in 2020?

As a comparison, charging at home currently costs around 19cts/kWh (in the Netherlands) and slow charging in the city costs around 35cts/kWh.