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Fastned develops and operates electric vehicle charging stations for all types of electric vehicles, with the fastest technology on the market, powered by 100% renewable energy.

Building on our European network of sites, we continue to seek additional location opportunities in the UK and Republic of Ireland to develop our network and capitalise on the rapidly growing trend for EV adoption.

Please visit our dedicated pages for property opportunities in BENELUX, Germany, and France.

Site requirements:

  • Plot sizes of 400-2,000m2, greenfield or cleared brownfield

  • Prominent locations with high traffic counts (30,000+ vpd non-urban, 20,000+ vpd urban)

  • Proximity to driver amenities (e.g. toilets, coffee)

  • Good accessibility and visibility from main carriageway

Benefits to location partners:

  • Rental income (fixed and / or turnover); index-linked; tenure 20+ years

  • Value-added facilities for mixed-use retail developments

  • Fastest charging technology available (300kW+) on a future-proofed, independent grid connection

  • Flexible development solutions to meet site requirements and space availability

  • Charging for every electric car on the market

  • The most reliable and longest-running operator of high-power EV filling stations in Europe

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