Yield from sustainable infrastructure

[Update 6 December 07:30h - Already for over EUR 7.5 mln subscribed. Subscription is possible until 12 December]

Fastned is one of the fastest growing companies within the new market of charging electric vehicles. Fastned has offices in Amsterdam, Cologne, London & Ghent and operates 113 fastcharging stations in the Netherlands and Germany. Fastned only sells energy from the sun and the wind. This is the moment to invest in a sustainable future by investing in Fastned Bonds. The proceeds will be used for growing our network of fastcharging stations and increasing capacity at existing stations.

  • Yield from sustainable infrastructure
  • Payment interest quarterly in arrears
  • Maturity 5 years
  • Participate from € 1,000
  • Operational expenditures covered until 2021
  • Participating in the Energy transition
  • Use of proceeds: Growing the network of fast charging stations
  • Fastned already has over 5.000 investors 
  • Emission fee 0.5%
  • No emission fee with an investment from € 50.000 to € 74.000
  • One time bonus interest of 0.25% with an investment from € 75.000 to € 99.000
  • One time bonus interest of 0.50% with investments of € 100.000 and above



Investing in Fastned Bonds brings risks. By investing in Fastned bonds you risk (partial) loss of your investment and investing should only be done after reading the by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) approved prospectus and with complete understanding of the potential risks and upsides which come with an investment in Fastned Bonds. The approval of the prospectus should not be read as an endorsement of the offered securities. You can download the prospectus from this page.

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