Press release: Fastned partners with NewMotion

9 May 2016

As of today it is possible to charge at Fastned with the charge card of NewMotion. After entering the card number in the Fastned app once, EV drivers can easily start and end charging sessions with the Fastned app. Payments are handled via the collective invoice of NewMotion, which streamlines administration of the customer.

Fastned CEO Michiel Langezaal: "Electric driving is becoming more and more attractive. And it's all about convenience and freedom. By partnering with NewMotion, the largest provider of charge cards in the Netherlands, we reduce the administrative burden of EV drivers. And they have the freedom to drive anywhere.

The connection is already operational, so EV drivers with a NewMotion pass can start using this new possibility directly. Last year MultiTank Card and Travelcard already connected their fuel cards to the fast charge network of Fastned.

Tip: after signing up with Fastned, it is now possible to pay directly with a charge card,

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