Press release: Fastned introduces card-free charging

17 October 2017

Today, Fastned started the roll out of Autocharge. With Autocharge, charging starts directly after the user has plugged in the vehicle at a Fastned station. There’s no more need for an app or a charge card. The charging station recognises the car, which makes charging faster, easier and safer. Today the roll out started with a small group of users. Within a few weeks, Fastned expects Autocharge to be available for all Fastned customers on all Fastned stations.

Autocharge works with a unique car identifier which is transmitted to the fast charger. After a one time registration, Fastned can recognise the vehicle. A charging session can thus be automatically credited. All EVs with a CCS fast charging port can use Autocharge.

Michiel Langezaal, CEO Fastned: “Charging an EV should be both simpler and faster. This includes automatically starting charging sessions and billing them. Especially for car sharing projects Autocharge offers a great solution. Just plug in the car and it works.”

Open standards
The Autocharge function was developed in the wider community of charging companies, in response to questions by users to simplify the authorisation and payment method. Autocharge is part of the CCS fast charging protocol, and is an open standard which can be used by all operators of fast charging stations. Fastned is committed to open standards and is already using with OCPP and OCPI standards for charging transactions.

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