Press release: Fastned introduces Routeplanner

17 November 2016

Today Fastned introduces Routeplanner, which is directly available for free for all drivers of electric vehicles. Routeplanner is available in the Fastned app and for mobile, tablet and desktop and allows you to easily plan trips. These trips including Fastned stations on your route, take into account the time you need to charge to reach your destination and show the total trip time. This significantly simplifies electric driving.


The algorithm is specially developed for Fastned fast charging stations. An optimal route is calculated based on the range and efficiency of your electric car, traffic conditions and the fast charging curve of Fastned stations. The Routeplanner is automatically updated when new stations come online, while the functionality keeps improving over time.

Fastned is continually improving the reliability and overall experience of electric driving. In the past years we’ve worked hard on building a reliable fast charging network. With Routeplanner the experience of electric driving is improving further. And the more you use Fastned, the better value you get. With the Power price plan you can drive for 19 cent per kWh, powered by 100% renewable energy.

You find Routeplanner through and in the Fastned app (iOS and Android). The English language version is available under 'menu'. The Routeplanner is in Beta, so we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please share this with us through or post your comments below.

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