Fastned grows revenues 171% in Q3 2019

7 October 2019

Amsterdam, 8 October 2019. Fastned, the charging company that is building a European network of fast charging stations, continued a strong growth path in Q3 2019 despite  ongoing delivery constraints of many electric vehicle models. Revenues nearly tripled compared to the same quarter last year.                                         

  • Revenue: € 1,048,000 (+171% vs. Q3 2018) [1]
  • Volume: 1,907 (MWh) (+171% vs. Q3 2018)
  • Active customers: 30,852 (+143% vs. Q3 2018)
  • 1,649 tons of CO2 avoided

Q3 Milestones

  • Over 120,000 charging sessions during the third quarter
  • Fastned opened several new stations in The Netherlands and Germany bringing the total network to 109 stations
  • Added more and faster chargers to stations to increase capacity and improve the charging experience.
  • The court of North-Holland ruled in favor of Fastned and decided that the granting of permission to offer electric vehicle charging points as an additional service at petrol stations and roadside restaurants at motorway services must follow a public and transparent procedure.
  • Fastned announced that it will strengthen its management team with CFO Victor van Dijk from mid-November onwards. In his previous role Victor served as Managing Director Debt Capital Markets at ING.

Please note that the information included in this press release is unaudited and not reviewed.
Download the Fastned Q3 results and graph here.

[1] In its quarterly trading updates for 2018 and earlier, Fastned’s reported Revenue related to the sales of electricity only. Starting from the first quarter of 2019, and in line with the 2018 Annual Report, the Revenues reported includes sales of electricity and maintenance fees and other operating revenues. The presented growth of Revenues in Q3 2019 compared to Q3 2018 is on a like-for-like basis.

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