Fastned grows 110% in fourth quarter

11 January 2018

In a year on year comparison with Q4 2016, Fastned’s volume, revenue and number of customers showed strong growth in Q4 2017. This is despite the fact that car manufacturers such as Hyundai and Opel have not been able to deliver sufficient numbers of electric cars in the Netherlands to meet strong market demand.

  • Volume: 362,498 kWh (+115%)
  • Revenue: € 170,960 (+110%)
  • Active customers: 6,278 (+98%)


  • There were about 20,000 fully electric cars in the Netherlands at the end of 2017 -  an increase of 54% compared to the previous year. This implies that Fastned outgrew the market by more than a factor of two.
  • Ten Fastned fast-charging stations passed the operational break-even point. This means that the operational costs of these stations are covered by the income generated at these stations.
  • In early December, Fastned raised € 12.3 million in just 10 days via a public bond issue.
  • Fastned was the first company in the world to introduce Autocharge, enabling customers to charge their electric vehicle automatically after plugging in without the need for a charging card.

Please note that the numbers above are unaudited. Audited annual figures will be published in March 2018

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