Press release: Fastned grows 140% in first quarter

10 April 2018

Rapid growth of revenues compared to the same quarter of last year

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Press release: Fastned reveals new generation of fast charging stations

1 March 2018

Electric vehicles can fast charge at up to 350 kW, up to 100 times faster than at home

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Press release: Fastned grows 110% in fourth quarter

11 January 2018

Revenue growth exceeded 15% per month in the last quarter of 2017

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Press release: Fastned introduces card-free charging

17 October 2017

With Autocharge, charging sessions are started directly after plugging in an EV

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Press release: Fastned grows 111% in third quarter

11 October 2017

Compared to the same quarter last year, our volume, revenue and number of customers have strongly increased in Q3 2017, despite the fact that car manufacturers were unable to meet the sharp growth in customer demand.

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Press release: German government awards 4.1 million euro to Fastned to build 25 fast charging stations

12 September 2017

Fastned was today awarded a subsidy of 4.1 million euro by State Secretary Rainer Bomba of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

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Press release: Fastned grows revenues with 119%

27 July 2017

Fastned publishes half year results

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Press release: Fastned strengthens balance sheet

29 June 2017

Investment fund Breesaap has decided to convert its entire loan to Fastned into certificates of shares as per 30 June 2017. The outstanding loan of 10.3 million euro will be converted to equity at a price of 10 euro per certificate.

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Press release: Additional growth capital for Fastned

8 June 2017

Fastned has raised 1 million euro of additional capital through the issue of certificates of shares to investment fund Ballotta B.V.. Both parties have signed an agreement that could see the investment increase to 2,5 million euro by the end of 2018.

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Press release: Fastned raises 7.7 million euro to grow network

7 June 2017

Fastned has raised 7.7 million euro in just two weeks via a public issue of bonds. Initially, the issue was limited to 3.3 million euro, but due to the high demand the board of directors decided to extend the issue.

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