Press release: Fastned achieves network wide operational break even

11 October 2018

Fast charging company starts issue of bonds to drive further growth

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Press release: Fastned partners with REWE

8 October 2018

Companies start pilot to offer fast charging services at four large supermarkets in Germany around Frankfurt

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Press release: Fastned won the appeal it lodged at higher administrative court

19 September 2018

The Council ruled that Fastned has a legal interest in the objection that it had made against the issue of a permit for charging poles as an additional service at a petrol station of Shell at de Hackelaar.

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Press release: Revenue Fastned grows 150%

31 July 2018

Company behind European fast-charging network publishes half year results

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Press release: Fastned receives more than 1.4 million euro subsidy from BENEFIC

20 July 2018

The subsidy supports the construction of 40 fast-charging stations in the Netherlands and Belgium

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Press release: Fastned opens first fast charging station in Germany

21 June 2018

First step in the roll-out of a nationwide network of hundreds of stations

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Blog: Why fast charging stations are good for the grid

28 May 2018

Fastned is exclusively focused on fast (>50 kW) charging. We get a lot of questions about the impact of fast charging on the electricity grid. In this blog we’ll share share some insights based on 100.000+ fast charging sessions and 5+ years of operating a vertically integrated fast charging network.

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Blog: Everything you’ve always wanted to know about fast charging

18 May 2018

What is fast charging? How does it work? How fast can it get? And why is a network of fast charging stations so important for the breakthrough of electric cars? Fastned Head of Network Technology Roland van der Put wrote an introduction to answer these questions.

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Press release: Fastned strengthens balance sheet and continues rapid growth

30 April 2018

Fast charging company publishes annual results over 2017

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Press release: Fastned wins another tender in the UK

13 April 2018

Fastned will build and operate fast charging stations in Newcastle and Sunderland

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