Press release: Fastned opens first fast charging station in Germany

21 June 2018

First step in the roll-out of a nationwide network of hundreds of stations

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Blog: Why fast charging stations are good for the grid

28 May 2018

Fastned is exclusively focused on fast (>50 kW) charging. We get a lot of questions about the impact of fast charging on the electricity grid. In this blog we’ll share share some insights based on 100.000+ fast charging sessions and 5+ years of operating a vertically integrated fast charging network.

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Blog: Everything you’ve always wanted to know about fast charging

18 May 2018

What is fast charging? How does it work? How fast can it get? And why is a network of fast charging stations so important for the breakthrough of electric cars? Fastned Head of Network Technology Roland van der Put wrote an introduction to answer these questions.

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Press release: Fastned strengthens balance sheet and continues rapid growth

30 April 2018

Fast charging company publishes annual results over 2017

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Press release: Fastned wins another tender in the UK

13 April 2018

Fastned will build and operate fast charging stations in Newcastle and Sunderland

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Press release: Fastned grows 140% in first quarter

10 April 2018

Rapid growth of revenues compared to the same quarter of last year

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Press release: Fastned reveals new generation of fast charging stations

1 March 2018

Electric vehicles can fast charge at up to 350 kW, up to 100 times faster than at home

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Press release: Fastned grows 110% in fourth quarter

11 January 2018

Revenue growth exceeded 15% per month in the last quarter of 2017

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Press release: Fastned introduces card-free charging

17 October 2017

With Autocharge, charging sessions are started directly after plugging in an EV

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Press release: Fastned grows 111% in third quarter

11 October 2017

Compared to the same quarter last year, our volume, revenue and number of customers have strongly increased in Q3 2017, despite the fact that car manufacturers were unable to meet the sharp growth in customer demand.

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