Press release: Fastned partners with NewMotion

9 Mai 2016

As of today it is possible to charge at Fastned with the charge card of NewMotion. After entering the card number in the Fastned app once, EV drivers can easily start and end charging sessions with the Fastned app.

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Blog: The exciting future of fast charging

8 April 2016

This is the third blog post on fast charging technology by Fastned CTO Roland van der Put. In this blog he discusses how the next generation of EVs could eventually fast charge at speeds of up to 350 kW.

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Press release: Results Q1 2016

6 April 2016


1. Volume growth of 500% compared to Q1 2015
2. Revenue growth of 370% compared to Q1 2015
3. 21% revenue growth and 37% volume growth in relative to Q4 2015
4. 31% growth of active customers in relative to Q4 2015
5. Tesla adapters installed at 40 stations (mid April at all stations)
6. Deal with Nissan: four year fast charging at Fastned with each new LEAF

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Blog: How fast charging works

22 März 2016

This is the second blog post on the future of fast charging technology by Fastned CTO Roland van der Put. Today he explains the variables that define the speed of fast charging.

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Blog: What is fast charging?

8 März 2016

Roland van der Put is CTO of Fastned and will write a series of posts on the future of fast charging technology. Today he starts with the basics: what is fast charging? And how is it different from ‘regular’ charging?

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Press release: Teslas can now charge super fast at Fastned

2 März 2016

Fastned adds Tesla adaptors to all stations which charge up to 250 km/h

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Press release: The age of clean and cheap mobility is here

4 Januar 2016

Fastned and Nissan intensify their partnership. As of today, every new Nissan LEAF and ENV-200 will include four years of unlimited fast charging at Fastned.

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Blog: Die Autowende hat begonnen

25 November 2015

In den kommenden 60 Monaten wird sich die Automobilindustrie stärker verändern als in den letzten 60 Jahren. Europäische Autohersteller sollten jetzt auf Elektroautos setzen, um wirtschaftliche Schwierigkeiten in Europa zu vermeiden.

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Press release: Why we’re going to build fast charging stations in cities

18 November 2015

Today Fastned announces the construction of five fast-charging stations in the city of The Hague. The fast-charging stations will be built along high traffic roads. This is the first step for Fastned to expand its network of fast-charging stations to urban locations.

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Blog: The Fastned Freedom Plan

5 Oktober 2015

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean electric vehicles by giving them freedom. This is Fastned's plan to reinvent service stations along high traffic locations to make travel fundamentally cheaper, cleaner and more enjoyable.

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